Ecobatt makes battery recycling easy for business company

Ecobatt Energy Cambodia makes battery recycling easy for business company

As part of our ongoing mission to combat needless landfill waste, we’re pleased to introduce our Battery Recycling Bins for offices, schools, and other workplaces. Ecobatt Energy Cambodia has partnered with the Ministry of Environment to provide all the solutions to battery sellers and users to comply with Royal Decree, Prakas 447, Sub Decree 16, and Basel Convention.


Because batteries make up a tiny portion of our overall waste output it’s easy to overlook them.

But with a little effort on the part of employers the problem can be easily solved in three steps.

1) We provide specially bins for the purpose that take up very little space, but are easy to notice.

2) Let staff know that you’d like them to use your dedicated battery recycling bins and why.

3) Contact us when your battery bucket is 75% full and we’ll arrange pickup.

If you’ve got battery waste that you need to dispose of, let one of Cambodia’s largest battery recyclers tailor the perfect solution for you.

Ecobatt Energy recycles all types of batteries to safely recover mercury, lead, silver, nickel, cadmium, steel, lithium and plastic.
Whatever your needs, Ecobatt Energy will work out the best battery disposal and collection solution for you.

Thanks to our systems, some businesses across Cambodia start doing their part to keep batteries and other hazardous waste out of our landfills.

How to get a battery recycling bin in your company?

Fill the form, Ecobatt Energy will contact you back to get an Alkaline battery recycling bin. It’s a simple solution that cleans up battery waste both in the workplace and in your workmates’ homes. When your battery bucket is 75% full just give contact us and we’ll arrange pickup.

Promote Your In-Office Battery Recycling Scheme

Once your battery bucket arrives let your workmates know where it is and what they can put in it. You could run a ‘recycle batteries’ day to kick things off, with spot prizes for good recyclers. Then it’s a matter of keeping the program running with regular reminders and progress updates on how the bucket is filling up.