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EcoBatt Energy Cambodia provides quality industrial lead-acid batteries with maintenance service that will last longer than any other brand thanks to our regeneration technology and our know-how.  

Since October 2016 Ministry of Environment has set a rule on the disposal of batteries asking users to be responsible for the safe management of batteries (collection, storage, treatment, delivery, and disposal). Ecobatt Energy brings all the solutions needed for our clients to be in line with this battery management safety requirement

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The Circular Economy

Ecobatt Energy’s “battery circular economy” concept aims to offer the solutions for battery obsolescence in Cambodia that will reduce the battery use with the regeneration service (preventive and curative), the sale of new battery with extended warranty & maintenance to make them last until the end of their design lifespan and our put back into market discarded battery from users that will be regenerate and be sell as green battery.



EE battery with an extended warranty (Reduce)

Reduce your battery purchase with our EE battery. Those are quality new batteries from manufacturers carefully selected by EE that are controlled and eventually recondition before purchase to ensure they are at 100% of their capacity. They come with an extended warranty that includes one preventive regeneration and completes EE after service. With our regeneration technology and after-sale service, we will ensure those batteries last until the end of their design lifespan. Each purchase EE battery will come with a sustainability label.

Curative regeneration and Green Battery (Re-use)

Curative regeneration service aims to continue the extension of the battery life of our EE batteries and keep them at their optimal performance throughout their design lifespan. This is an environmentally friendly solution to reduce battery purchases and to become an actor in the fight against battery obsolescence. Depending on the battery’s regeneration success rate regenerated batteries come with a warranty of between 6 to 12 months. Each purchase regeneration service will come with a sustainability Label and a certificate of battery management sustainability actor including the total battery waste & CO2 emission saved.

Dead battery collection service (Recycle)

To reduce the impact and negative effects of batteries we discarded, EcoBatt Energy obtained all the licenses to collect them from the Ministry of Environment. With our collection process standard and conform storage area we collect and store dead batteries safely before sending them to formal recycling centers overseas that will treat and recycle them in an environmentally friendly way following the Basel agreement.