Ecobatt Energy Cambodia 2

Logo Ecobatt – SVG version


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Logo Ecobatt – SVG version

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Colour Palette


Color Code: #228DCD

Spanish Green

Color Code: #039849

Yellow Green

Color Code: #8BC342


Logo Description

1. Circle
The clear green circle with 3 arrows: Represents Cambodia's national circular economy plan, it is defined as an economic system of exchange and production that, at all stages of the life cycle of products (goods and services), aims to increase the efficiency of resource use and decrease the impact on the environment while developing the well-being of people. The 3 arrows represent the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
2. Graphic Design
Graphic design: Represents the shape of a factory as well as the industrial and ecological growth of Cambodia: The Three Blue Vertical Bars symbolizing the industrial growth of the nation.
3. Color
The color blue is the allegory of peace and one of the colors of the national flag. The color blue also symbolizes inner peace, promotes imagination, innovation and the dream of an ecologically responsible economy.
The number of leaves (3x) represents: 1. the past, present and future, 2. the three kingdoms of nature (mineral, vegetable, animal). 3. the three forms of matter: solid, liquid, gas.
5. Two Dark Green
The past and the present. The two dark green leaves represent duality.
6. Light Green Leave
The light green leaf in the center represents : The growth and vitality of the Khmer nation, renewal, restoration, reliability, balance and autonomy for a green energy economy and independent. : The light green leaf reconciles the two opposites (dark green leaves), and unites the opposites, it is a symbol of reconciliation and peace .
7. Three leaves present
The future : For harmony and balance of energies. Growth: As in nature, the light green leaves indicate rebirth and full growth. Hope: The anticipation of things to come, so that our carbon emissions are reduced through technological innovation The numbers(3): The three leaves together reconcile opposites, and unite opposites, it is a symbol of reconciliation and peace.
When we turn the cryptographic drawing of the plant 90 degrees to the left, we identify the letter (E) Ecobatt and (E) Energy. 1- The three blue horizontal bars (rotated 90 degrees to the left)symbolize the industrial growth of the company. 2- The fourth blue vertical bar (rotated 90 degrees to the left),symbolizes the success of the men and women who bring the EcoBatt Energy project to the top.
9. Company Name Meaning
Access to clean energy and accelerated green industrial development to create sustainable and resilient societies.
Eco Green
The word "ECO" and the diminutive of: Ecology Economy Ecosystem
Eco Green
11. Batt
The word "Batt" is short for : Battery which indicates the ability to accumulate "accumulator" of energy. The origin of the word Batteries comes from military jargon. A unit of an artillery regiment, assembled to pour out great firepower. The meaning of the word "Batt" means the ability to gather and collect all the energies of the EcoBatt family, in order to deploy them in a great power of growth.
12. Energy
The word "Energy" represents the heart of our business as well as the energies deployed by our teams and partners in the success of the "EcoBatt" project.