After Sales Service

Careful selection

Every organization providing a service or product will claim to provide after sale services However the reality on what is claim to be provide and the actions  taken are sometimes very different and that lead to poor client’s satisfaction. At EcoBatt Energy we have analyze the usual reasons an after sales services fail and come up with a process to maximize our total guest satisfaction rating.


After sale services start from the first encounter and presentation to clients. Some sellers do not hesitate to provide false information or make promises that they know cannot be deliver just to sell their services and/or products. At EcoBatt Energy we provide accurate pro’s and con’s of any products and services we deliver and only promise what we are sure to be able to deliver.

Our experimented team and expert partners have work together to anticipate as many as issues you have or may encountered. We identify your issues, propose personalized solutions to solve them and we deliver training to your teams to maximize our products and services quality.

With the help of our CRM system we are capable of getting your feedback, communicate and follow up your needs in a timely manners. Additionally we also provide customer satisfaction survey that are monitor and review every month and an internal audit is made every 3 months.

We have carefully selected our suppliers on several criteria including products quality, warranty, reactivity, communication and technical assistance and training. Our young and dynamic team coordinate, follow up and take the appropriate actions. Those strong collaboration allow us to quickly provide our expertise and assistance in the most efficient and timely manner way