Ecobatt Energy battery with extended warranty

Reduce your battery purchase with our Ecobatt Energy battery. Those are quality new batteries from manufacturers carefully selected by Ecobatt Energy that are control and eventually recondition before purchase to ensure they are at 100% of their capacity. They come with an extended warranty that include one preventive regeneration and complete Ecobatt Energy after service. With our regeneration technology and after-sale service we will ensure those batteries to last until the end of their design lifespan. Each purchase EE battery will come with a sustainability Label.


Curative regeneration and Green Battery

This service aims to continue the extension of battery’s life of our Ecobatt Energy batteries and keep them at their optimal performance throughout their design lifespan. 

Green battery: Our remarketing service regenerates batteries that have been discarded by users while they can still be saved. After regeneration they are put back into the market and are sell as green batteries to offer a solution to low budget users (prioritizing the agricultural sector to help them reduce their energy costs in order to be more competitive in the export market) who wish to buy responsibly.


Dead battery collection service

To reduce the impact and negative effects of batteries we discarded, EcoBatt Energy obtained all the licenses to collect them from the Ministry of Environment. With our collection process standard and conform storage area we collect and store dead batteries safely before sending them the 1st year to formal recycling centers in overseas until our recycling plant is functional.