Ecobatt Energy Services

Ecobatt Energy Cambodia offers numerous environment-friendly products, but it also provides extraordinary services, as listed below:  

waste collection

We are seriously involved in the collection and treatment of any type of waste: Batteries (alkaline, lead and lithium), E-waste (computers and electronic) and soon tires… 

battery regeneration

Our core and original activity. We collect old lead batteries and given a new extended lifespan. If you think your battery is dead, you may reconsider and ask us for a professional opinion

solar energy solutions

Not only do we sell the equipment and batteries for your Solar Installation, but we can also audit and prepare the complete setup for you. Ask us for a quote today

storage and backups

Our range of advanced solutions includes batteries, solar power systems, inverters, charge controllers and more – all specifically designed for use in Cambodia’s challenging climate and terrain. 

energy audit

Would you like to better understand your current energy consumption? What is efficient and what could be improved? Want to save money and help the planet at the same time? Then contact us for a full and complete audit of your company. 

after sale service

As any respected firm, we ensure that every client, patron and partner is fully satisfied with our products and services; as such we have a full team dedicated to follow up and troubleshoot any problem, should they arise.