Health & Safety

Our commitment to safety, and to delivering a sustainable solution to battery recycling means that we are
constantly looking at new and innovative ways to ensure our recycling processes are leading edge.
Ecobatt Energy recognizes that it has responsibilities for:

The provision and maintenance of safety equipment and safe work systems.

The safe handling, storage, and transportation of components and substances.

The provision of information, instruction, training, and supervision.

The maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace and access to and from it.

The provision of a safe and healthy working environment, adequate welfare facilities, and appropriate health surveillance Hazardous symbol definitions.

Batteries contain sulphuric acid (H2SO4) which is corrosive to most materials.
Lead Acid batteries are 100% recyclable.
Always wear eye protection when charging or testing batteries.
Old batteries should not be returned to land fill but must be disposed of at licensed recyclers.
-> Risk of explosion due to possible build up of hydrogen gases. Batteries must be able to vent.
Do not smoke or introduce naked flames near to any battery. This can cause ignition of hydrogen gases.