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Younger to Greener

Since its founding in 2019, EcoBatt Energy Cambodia has been dedicated to environmental protection through the management of used batteries, cell battery wastes, and other E-wastes. Utilizing a unique, non-invasive, and completely electronic regeneration process, EcoBatt Energy Cambodia can provide quality industrial lead-acid batteries with maintenance service that lasts longer than any other brand. This process sends high-powered electrical pulses that break down the crystalline layer formed by amorphous lead sulfate, allowing the batteries to be used for a wide range of applications, including automotive, commercial vehicles, marine and leisure, motorcycle, and industrial uses. Thanks to this innovative process, EcoBatt can provide a valuable service to individuals and businesses while also helping protect the environment.

Since October 2016 Ministry of Environment has set a rule on the disposal of batteries asking users to be responsible for the safe management of batteries (collection, storage, treatment, delivery, and disposal). ECOBATT ENERGY brings all the solutions needed for our clients to be in line with this battery management safety requirement.


We aim at educating and leading Cambodians to care for the environment without compromising the future of the next generation


We take all the actions to create a circular economy on the industrial battery to fight against battery obsolescence and all its negative effects on the environment & public health

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The board of directors


Lean Sokchea

Lean Sokchea - CEO at Ecobatt

The Management

Pao Socheat

Sales and Services Manager
Pao Socheat - Sales and Services Manager

The Sales Team

Sok Piseth

Sale Representive
Sok Piseth - Sale Representive

Sang Sinet

Sale Representive
Sang Sinet - Sale Representive

The Technical Operation

Cheam Sophyruos

Energy and Data Center Supervisor
Cheam Sophyruos - Energy and Data Center Supervisor

Bona Chheuy

Solar Specialist
Bona Chheuy - Solar Specialist

Ret Leak

Technical Supervisor
Ret Leak - Technical Supervisor

Theng Vichet

Theng Vichet - Technician

Mon Rong

Mon Rong - Technician

The Admin Team

Mr. Halim

HR & Admin Officer
Mr. Halim - HR & Admin Officer

Lem Natt

Lem Natt - Accountant