Waste Summit Cambodia 2023

The recent Waste Summit Cambodia 2023 held on 13th of May, organized by KAS, was held to address this year theme: “Why waste separation matter!EcoBatt Energy was delighted to be at the summit for the second time and had the opportunity to be one of the keynote speakers. The main message delivered by EcoBatt Energy was the importance of proper segregation of batteries and e-waste for sustainability. When batteries and other e-waste are improperly discarded, they end up in landfills, and eventually contaminate the environment and its surrounding ecosystems. This not only results in land damage, but also causes toxicity to any plant, animal, and human life that is likely to be exposed to these hazardous materials. This is why proper segregation is so important and should be taken seriously. There are various steps taken by Ministry of Environment and EcoBatt Energy Cambodia to properly manage e-waste. Most of these efforts include collection, segregation, sorting, and re-use or recycling of the collected material. This helps in reducing the amount of e-waste deposited in landfills, thus reducing environmental damage. Apart from government, companies and organizations, individuals can also play an important role in managing e-waste. Most countries have their own laws on how e-waste should be disposed or recycled. It is important to familiarize oneself with these laws and be aware of any changes. One should refrain from simply throwing away electronic waste or send it to informal sector and instead ensure to use an authorized waste collection fir or opt for re-use or recycling.